Beckham talks on FIFA scandal: very despicable and unacceptable

According to foreign media reports on 4th June, after Blatter who are the president of FIFA announced his resignation, David Beckham, a soccer star, said FIFA scandal is very despicable and unacceptable.

Beckham said, "It is time to change for FIFA. We al welcome this. Something about the sport that we love so much happened in the past are very despicable and unacceptable."

"Football is not owned by a small number of person in high position. It belongs to hundreds of millions of people who love this sport around the world”, this former professional player said.

In the earlier time, Swiss police arrested seven FIFA officials including FIFA vice-president. The arrest was requested by the US judicial authorities and prosecutors. US accused the seven arrested people and another eight suspects of taking bribes in $ 150 million.

Furthermore, Blatter was elected as FIFA president, for the fifth time on 29th May, but he announced his resignation on 2nd June and requested FIFA Executive Committee to convene an emergency conference to elect the next President of the organization. This is the first time for FIFA to conduct President election in the huge wave of corruption scandal in its history.

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