Global Secure Digital (SD) Memory Cards Market Analysis to 2021

Secure Digital (SD) is a type of non-volatile memory card which is used extensively in electronic devices such as digital camera, mobile phones, handheld devices and tablet computers. Small size, ease of use and high performance are some of the factors because of which memory cards are being preferred over other flash storage technologies. Imaging application for SD memory cards is a relatively mature market as numerous devices are already in usage. Whereas, mobile phones application for SD memory cards holds immense potential for growth during the coming years owing to increasing storage demand over phones from consumers. Development of writing speed and storage capacity of NAND devices is being carried out. The production cost of NAND memory chips is failing steeply with increasing integration of memory chips on single silicon wafer chip.

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The market for SD memory cards is primarily sustained by the huge demand from the basic model handsets and smartphones which lack sufficient memory capabilities. Along with it, requirement for scalability is another factor which is driving the demand for SD memory cards. High definition video and high speed internet are generating the demand for high capacity storage devices. Thus, the factors such as higher storage capacity and higher speed are driving the demand for SD memory cards. SD memory cards are plug and play type of storage devices. Thus, ease of use and portability are the factors increasing the preference of SD memory cards over other storage devices. The miniature nature of electronic components and storage devices is driving the demand for the small sized SD memory cards.

Secure digital memory cards market is segmented on the basis of card type, card transfer speed, class rating, application and geography. On the basis of card type the SD cards market is segmented into secure digital high capacity (SDHC) format card, secure digital eXtended capacity (SDXC) format card, ultra high speed (UHS) bus type card and secure digital input output (SDIO) card. Depending on the data transfer speed UHS SD card are segmented into UHS-I and UHS-II type cards. Depending on the data transfer speed the SD cards market is segmented into 12.5 MByte/s (default speed), 25 MByte/s (high speed), 12.5 MByte/s - 104 MByte/s (UHS-I) and 156 MByte/s - 312 MByte/s (UHS-II). Further on the basis of speed class rating the SD cards market is segmented into class 2 (MB/s), class 4 (4 MB/s), Class (6MB/s), class 10 (10MB/s), UHS Speed Class 1 (10 MB/s) and UHS Speed Class 3 (30 MB/s). SD cards applications are broadening day by day, as the demand for less space storage devices are increasing. SD cards are used broadly in digital cameras, personal computers, embedded systems, mobile phones, handheld consoles and global positioning systems (GPS).

SD memory cards market is highly fragmented in nature Duracell, Kingston Technology Co., Delkin Devices, Inc., Dane-Elec Memory SA, Toshiba Electronics Europe, Apacer Technology, Inc., KINGMAX Semiconductor, Inc., Power Quotient International Co., Ltd., ADATA Technology Co., Ltd., SanDisk Corp., Sony Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, EDGE Tech Corporation, and Transcend Information Inc., among others are some of the key players in secure digital memory cards market.

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