Neville Chamberlain

WWII role and involvement

Born March 18th, 1869 in Birmingham, England.

Died November 9th, 1940 in Heckfield, England.

Neville was born into a family of politicians. Father was a politician of the late 19th century. He became a successful businessman before his first role in politics as the mayor of Birmingham. He became the prime minister of Great Britain in 1937.

Neville is most known for his policy of appeasement after WWI. He thought that the best way to prevent Germany from starting another war was to give them something that they wanted. Chamberlain accomplished this through the Munich Agreement and meeting with Hitler. The Munich Agreement gave Germany some of the Czechoslovakian land that Hitler wanted.   

Not too long after Neville's meeting with Hitler and the Munich Agreement, Hitler broke the agreement and invaded more of Czechoslovakian and eventually Poland. These invasion led to Chamberlain's British declaration of war against Germany.


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