Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Play and Learn in the Tech Sandbox

Let's begin with some Math

Click on Khan Academy on the Tuesday group of apps and spend 15 minutes practicing your Math.

Let's review

We will call our tools devices.
Where are they?
How did you find them?
Where will you find them tomorrow?

Let's talk about Digital Citizenship

Respect yourself.
Respect others.
Only use your stuff.
Only Señor McCright may add apps to the iPads.

Let's present our images from the Iowa Historical Building

Click on Haiku Deck. Señor McCright has created Haiku Deck accounts for each of you. Enter your username and password. Create a slideshow using 5 or more of your favorite images from the Iowa Historical Building. You should start with a title page.
Here is my example:

Let's introduce a new student to Stowe Elementary School

In 30 seconds, what would you tell a new students about Stowe Elementary School?
Plan your script.  Use 10 words or less to get your message.
Click on Tellagami.  Create your video.  
Here's my example:

Let's make ...

Click on ...
Here's my example:

Let's make ...

Use ...

Let's evaluate an app

Every day you must evaluate the apps and tools you used.  Tell Señor McCright what you liked and did not like.

Let's talk about Brain Breaks

When you want to take a break from your project you may use one of these apps:
-Penguin Math
-Google Maps:  find your house, your school, New York City
-Khan Academy:  practice your Math
-Duolinguo:  learn a language



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