Week 7: Excel Survey

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to gather information from others? Excel Surveys are easy to set up and share with your students, parents, or even your co-workers. The surveys can be shared with a web link that can be sent via email, posted on a website or even on social media. All of the responses will be recorded in one online spreadsheet.   

Creating a Survey

  1. Sign in to your Office 365 account and go to OneDrive for Business.
  2. Click New > Excel Survey.
  3. Name your survey (you can always go back and change it later!)
  4. Enter a title and description (both of these are optional, but recommended.)
  5. Enter your first question and all of the details.
  6. Continue for each question.
  7. When finished, click Save and View or Share.

Sharing a Survey

  1. When you have finished your last question, click the Share button.
  2. Copy the URL and send it via email or post it online.

OR, you can share from within the Spreadsheet itself ...

  1. From Excel Online, click to view the Home tab on the ribbon at the top.
  2. Click Survey > Share.
  3. Copy the URL and send it via email or post it online.

Checking the Results

As your students or others complete the survey, their responses will be immediately available in your OneDrive for Business account. The spreadsheet was created as soon as you named the survey. Click on it to view the results.

Question Types

  • Text questions – for short one or two word answers
  • Paragraph text – for longer written responses
  • Number – for a numerical answer that you can sort, total or average later
  • Date – for answers you want to sort by date later
  • Time – for answers you want to sort by a specific time
  • Yes/No – for simple yes or no responses
  • Choice – for multiple choice answer

Additional tools you might like ...

  • Schoolwires Survey - teachers in our district use Schoolwires to edit class websites. There is a survey tool built into the Schoolwires editor that allows you to create and host surveys on your website. There are quite a few more options in the Schoolwires surveys than are available with Excel Surveys.
  • Google Forms - if you use a Google account, Google Forms is very similar to the Excel Survey. There is a bit more customization available with Google (think background images, adding a header, etc.) but the results appear in a Google "sheet," which is very similar to the Excel Survey.
  • Survey Monkey is a well-known survey creation tool that teachers can use for simple, basic forms with a free account.

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