St. Lucia

                                                                By: Justin Shepard

Zooming through the air
Landing on the narrow landing strip
Relaxing in the short ride to the resort
Staying at the ocean side resort Coconut Bay
Speeding up a mountain on dangerous roads
Arriving at the Boucan and seeing the colorful jungle valley from the top of the mountain
Organizing our rooms
Shuffling cards on the deck with a view of a volcano in the background
Going into dreamland in a hot humid room
Submerging in the infinity pool overlooking the jungle
Speeding through the jungle while zip lining
Grinding cocoa beans in a hot stone bowl
Feeling the mist on my skin as we sped out onto the ocean
Diving off the boat into a majestic wonderland
Lacing up my shoes and tightening my tie in preparation for my aunts wedding
Sitting with the sun in my eyes waiting for the ceremony to start Trying to keep my eyes open while staring into the sun waiting for the bright flash
Sitting in the reception longing for the food
Devouring the rum ice cream
Getting together with my cousins one last time by the pool
Stuffing our carry-on bags with all our things
Saying goodbye to St. Lucia

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