Matrimonial Services’ Personalized Touch with Jaipur’s Lavish Matrimonial Extravaganza at a Vaish Household

Ramesh is a software professional based in New York, US. After completing B.Tech from a reputed institute in India, he pursued post graduate diploma in management from US. He stayed back after completing his diploma. Today, after completing almost a decade in US, he is comfortably settled over there by leading a division and earning a five figure salary per month. He is 32 and wants to spend his retirement years in India. However, he still has many decades to earn and grow. In spite of the fact that sometimes, he feels quite lonely in a foreign land. His mother wants him to settle down. Ramesh has three more Indian males in his division. They all are single, partly due to the fact that they don’t get time to socialize. Sometimes they have Indian get together, but they all miss home. It is not an isolated issue of one company. There are thousands of Indians in US who are single. They miss India and want an Indian bride or groom. They come to India for holidays and if they are lucky, they get married too.

It was not an easy task a few years back. The non-resident Indians have time constraint. So, it used to be very difficult to find a good match and get married with a span of a couple of weeks. Fortunately, it has been a thing of the past as the situation is changed now. Matrimonial services take care of people like Ramesh as he doesn’t have to worry about shortage of time. Personalized matrimonial services provide the customized service that takes care of the meeting with different families, selection, preparation for the marriage, different functions and then finally marriage. The best thing is that matrimonial services are now no longer restricted to metro cities. Matrimonial services are also available in satellite cities like Jaipur, Agra, Pune, Ghaziabad etc. These services have extensive database. They even have community based data, which certainly help their clients. The community based data have data of different communities such as Vaish, Jain, Agarwal, Khatri etc.

Personalized matrimonial services first meet the prospective groom and his family. They show a list of profiles from the database. Groom’s family selects 2-3 of them. Matrimonial services then fixes meeting with the bride’s family. If the match clicks, then during the meeting, both the families discuss varied issues related to the marriage. Matrimonial service provides pundit/astrologer too. He calculates the most auspicious day for the marriage and the related ceremonies. Once the marriage date is finalized, matrimonial services provides gifts for the groom’s family members. Later, they discuss with bride’s family members for the preparation of the marriage and other ceremonies. This service proves quite beneficial to family members as matrimonial services takes care of the preparation of the ceremonies. It also takes the responsibility of smooth functioning of all the marriage related ceremonies such as roka, haldi, mehendi etc. Overall, marriage is a complicated event of life and today matrimonial services are trying their best to ease it for their clients.

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2 years ago