Mobile Apps In Classrooms

High school

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The Directr app is a video capturing app that makes it easy to film your own video and edit it anywhere. It has features that can inspire you to make different kinds of videos. It could also be used to produce a short commercial. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to create a video on the go.

As a teacher I could use this app to teach the students a directing lesson and how a small clip can turn into something much bigger, I could easily demonstrate many ideas and samples of the project. Students don't need complex equipment which is not needed for a highschool introductory drama class so it's perfect for simple videos and if your students are stumped there is lots of ideas that could inspire them.


Smule is a musical collaboration app that creates your own musical collaboration and music video. You can also play guitar through the program using the technology screen, piano, and make karaoke instrumentals to sing to. You can record anywhere and upload anywhere. It's essentially a portable music studio.

In a class I could use this tool to practice basic piano and guitar skills while having fun trying to create a video. I could put a song together that involves theory and make it a music video so it's easier to remember.


The Historypin App is essentially an app that gives you history of any place in the world by clicking different maps. You can even explore the street you are on by just pointing your phone at it. You can read stories and recollections about the location that you have selected and go back to times and dates and see what history lays there.

You could use historypin to look up certain places you might write a play on to know hoe to dramaturgicaly analyze the place you have set your play. It makes the access of information to your students easier to access versus spending hours researching on google, when you are looking for one specific place and google gives you the country. If you were to teach a social class of any kind the students could look up the street that kind Louis the sixteenth was beheaded and get the information.


FriendStrip is a create and star in your own comic app, where there is a large list of stories to choose from and then you take pictures of yourself and your friends and the app edits you into it. If you do not like the app's stories you can edit them to how you would like them.

The comic trips could be used in any classroom from learning basic math equations to learning about the fur trade. This app is good for imagination and creativity building. I think even as a teacher from k-12 you could use the tool as an engager by using it for directions or explanations.

Drama Resources,

Last but not least is my favorite app, the DramaResources app. This app has drama games, techniques, strategies, lesson plans, reviews and resources all on the go that you can load right into your phone ready when you're in need of them. It has videos for drama teaching tips.

I could use this app in my every day teaching environment if I feel like the lessons becoming disengaging or just needs to be switched up a bit.

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