4.3.1-Cholesterol Flyer

What are LDL and HDL?
-It originates in the liver
-Function; this molecule transports cholesterol from the liver to body cells
-Made from proteins and fats

-It originates in body's cells
-Function; this molecule holds cholesterol to deliver from cells in body to liver
-Made from proteins and fats

Why do doctors monitor these things?
-They measure both to see if the cholesterol is moving to or away from the cells
-Too much LDL can cause cholesterol plaques to form inside arteries. This can make your arteries harden, which can lead to heart attack and stroke
-They want to keep HDL levels high to keep cardiovascular health maintained
-HDL and LDL don't work together, they work against each other
-Doctors watch triglycerides also

What do cholesterol test results mean?
-A standard one measures HDL's, LDL's, and triglycerides.
-Total level
      high risk; 240 mg/dl and above
      normal; less than 200 mg/dl
-LDL level
      high risk; 160-189 mg/dl
      normal; less than 100 mg/dl
-HDL level
      high risk; less than 40 mg/dl
      normal; 60 mg/dl and above

How to change these levels in your blood:
-A good diet and exercise
-If you lose or maintain a healthy weight, your cholesterol levels will be normal
-LDL's can increase if you eat a diet high in saturated fats but doesn't effect HDL's

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