Dmitri menedeleev

He wrote the names of the 65 known elements on cards one element on each card. He then wrote the fundamental properties of every element on its own card, including atomic weight. He saw that atomic weight was important in some way, the behavior of the elements seemed to repeat as their atomic weights increased, but he could not see the pattern. Convinced that he was close to discovering something significant, Mendeleev moved the cards about for hour after hour until finally he fell asleep at his desk. When he awoke, he found that his subconscious mind had done his work for him

The reason Mendeleev became the leader of the pack was probably because he not only showed how the elements could be organized, but he used his periodic table to:

  • Propose that some of the elements, whose behavior did not agree with his predictions, must have had their atomic weights measured incorrectly.
  • Predict the existence of eight new elements.  Mendeleev even predicted the properties these elements would have.

random facts

- he would only shave once a year

- he was in charge of measuring vodka in Russia, the law stated that there could be only 40% alcohol in the drink

-there is a crater in the moon named after Mendeleev

- element number 101 was named after him Md (mendelevium)

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