Back to the Past by Cassidy Transou

I think I'm stuck in the 1950's. I was just watching Grease, singing along, and the next thing I know - I'm here. If I had to choose a time period to be stuck in though, I would choose this one. I think I'll be able to adapt here pretty easily. Back in present day, I'd been in two plays set in the 50's, so I think that makes me an expert. I'm looking forward to what kind of experiences this is going to bring me.

I wake up to the sound of a school bus outside my window. I guess it's here for me. Rushing out of bed, I open my closet to find something to wear. My closet is full of white blouses and multi-colored poodle skirts. Quickly I decide on a red poodle skirts and classic white Keds. When I get outside on the bus, it's filled with kids dressed similarly to me. They all seem kind, and excited to make a new friend.

At school, I establish a group of friends who tell me about what all they do for fun. They said that tonight they're going to a drive in movie, and asked if I wanted to come! Of course I said yes. They showed me around the school, which is quite different than present day schools.

That night, my new friends pick me up in some vintage looking convertable. Actually, it's probably not vintage to them. Anyway, I get in and they take me to a small looking diner. It doesn't seem small inside though. It's bustling with teenagers and parents with their kids. I hear Elvis playing in the background, and spot the jukebox it's probably coming from. We order ice cream at the counter, and then head to the middle of the diner so we could hear the music better. One of my friends payed the jukebox and played a song I didn't recognize.

After that, we all pile back into the convertible so we don't miss the movie. I find myself singing along with some of the songs on the radio. I guess my grandma listening to 50's radio all the time has come in handy. My friends and I happily watch the movie, and they take me home afterward.

Today has been a really good day. I don't think I'm even going to worry about getting back to present day. I'll just wait it out. I'll be old when I am finally back, but that's okay with me. I like the 50's. I think next weekend, I'm going to walk in a protest against segregation.

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2 years ago

love it.