How to make a Universe

By Beth Hickey

There are over 3 billion planets in the galaxy and there are over half a billion galaxies in the universe.  

People can make stars by using a very hot and large machine. That squeezes all the gas from the explosion and it creates a star.

The machine uses more power than a city. If something goes wrong it will do a lot of damage.

If the star was too big  it would explode and would destroy everything. It is called a supernova. stars don't only give us light they are the element factor to build everything else.

Now you can build everything else you need. Now we have got a star to go supernova. A supernova is the biggest explosion there is.Its an essential stage in our construction progress because it takes all those elements created in a big star.

Everything that we touch or will is star dust that includes you me, people. That supernova has now scatted all the ingredients we need to build everything.

All of it created from the birth and death of stars and that cloud of gas and dust, called a nebula, also provides the ingredients to other stars. so now we can build our own star from it. We'll call it the sun.

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