Aquae Sulis

Travel Brochure

1. sacer fons est optimus thermae.

2. Aqua currit ab fontis in thermae.

3. primus aedificium est maximus thermae in Romanus.

4. calidarium est proximus fons.

5. templum erat aedificavi for the civis qui intellexi ille remidium erat ibi.

6. templum habes manga comta statuae.

7. thermae aedificium et templum est most mirabilis rem in oppidum.

8. Aquae Sulis est in locus quae Cogidubnus regit.

9. pro templum erat alter.

10. calidus aqua fontis aliquando mortem inferre.


1. Wake up from a great nights' sleep around 9am and go to the Sacred Spring to worship.

2. Grumio will have a gormet lunch prepared for you around 12 pm.  

3. Around 3pm you will get to visit the exercise ground.

4. After getting a good sweat you will cool off in the frigidarium.

5. Around 5 pm you will eat an early dinner

6. A play will be happening around 7 pm in the atrium.

7. Time to get some sleep for a big day tomorrow.


1. Wake up to the many sounds of the waterfall from the Roman Baths

2. Take a morning swim at 11am

2. Afterwards change into a fresh toga in the apodyterium

3. Eat a late lunch around 2pm

4. Go shopping in the taberna

5. Eat dinner around 8pm

6. Poet's will be reciting verses in the atrium

7. Bedtime around 10pm


1.Wake up around 9am

2. Go for a walk through Aquae Sulis

3. Eat brunch 11am

4. Throw a disc in the exercise ground

5. Have a late check out from the inn at 12pm

6. Go for a drive around Rome 12:45pm

7. At 5:30 grab a bite to eat

8. Get home around 7pm

Current Temp: 87 Degrees Fahrenheit


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