Go inside the woods. I dare You!

Are You Afraid?

The person waiting for you has no eyes,no mouth, no nose, and no facial features. He has been seen ever where all a round North America. Even in Slender woods. If you may have seen him hide if you can. If you have ever got that feeling that someone is watching you , it has gone to a whole new level. When you see a tall man just by the street hide or maybe he already saw you. Things you need to survive slender man it is ... he is here run ah ... I survived him tonight . He has been around forever in history.

He has been waiting for you in the shadows in the dark as soon as you enter you will never come back.

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3 years ago

He is real, my mom saw him when she was little, he was climbing threw the window, and she got enough courage to run to my grandma. Also there are cave paining of him walking away with little kids, from long ago... go to this URL
to see

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3 years ago