Elijah - Digital Editing

                                                              My Photos
All the photo I took was in the in the school grounds and I edited all the photos in http://pixlr.com/express/ and showed it here in https://tackk.com/.

I chose this picture, because it is interesting of how it is only the things that fall to the ground but is still interesting how there are lots of different shapes.

The things that I did to my image is I first sharpened it, then added a bit of shine into it then I finally chose to put it in 4 places together with different colours.

I took this picture, because it looks like a mini jungle or a mini garden just under our feet where things are not easily appreciated by us.

This time the things I added it was a more "clean" atmosphere to the picture and a ladybug sitting on the left hand corner leaf.

I took this picture because it had patterns if only I had fit them in the right squares which I failed and it also had a plain and clean background.

The things I did to this photo is removing the darker tone of the picture and adding a bit of shine to the whole photo and attempted to crop the sides which I failed to put in the right place.

I had taken this picture, because it appears like a bottom of a fish tank which looks interesting and has great landscape.

What I added in this photo is first I rotated the shape to make it more appealing, then I added a frame around it and finally added a sad tone to the atmosphere.

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