Mobile Learning in the Classroom


Wunderlist is an app designed to boost productivity for students of all ages. Students can create an easy to manipulate to-do list complete with notifications and reminders. It allows for multiple lists to be created and managed at one time and provides students with an easy way to organize their schedule.

In the classroom, Wunderlist would provide a unique opportunity for students to stay on track and not fall behind. The reminder section of the app works almost like an alarm and will notify students a week and a day in advance when they have something that they must hand in or prepare for. The lists are easy to create, manage, and alter making it a simple and ideal way for students to keep themselves updated on classroom activities.


Flashcards+ are a great way for students to prepare themselves for upcoming quizzes and exams. It is an optimized way to learn and retain new information that allows you to create and easily study flashcards. This is a great benefit to students as all their studying can be done using Flashcards+ and then stored in their catalog of flashcards. Catalogs can be organized by subject, topic, or whatever the student chooses.

One of the greatest benefit of this application is not just that students create and manage their own flashcards online, but that Flashcards+ comes with a huge database of ready made cards on a variety of academic disciplines. This means that after a student has created their own flashcards, they can look up the ready made ones to add potential missed or new information. This will further prepare them for any test or quiz.


Kno is an education software company on a mission to make learning more engaging, personal, and social for students. It acts like a library full of text books and journals, however it also utilizes a number of features to engage students and immerse them in their studies. Kno offers a huge selection of books on hundreds of topics ensuring that students can find something that will be both beneficial and fun!

Students can watch videos, interact with 3D models and simulations, or access web links to see their books come to life. They can also create personal study guides created from highlights, notes and bookmarks that can be added to any textbook. With over 200,000 interactive titles for all grade levels, Kno is both easy to use and full of information.


iResponse is an application that allows teachers to take polls or ask their entire classroom multiple choice questions in real time. The student answer a question posted by the teacher on their mobile device and the answers show up in a graph or chart on the teachers SmartBoard. This provides an easy and effective way to get opinions from students on certain subjects.

The responses remain completely anonymous as even the teacher cannot access who has responded with what answer. This encourages students to take risks and answer serious questions with honest integrity. That provides a huge safety net for young learners who are perhaps apprehensive about answering questions as they fear being judged by their fellow classmates.

Memory Trainer

Memory Trainer is an extremely useful studying app that helps students solidify their knowledge on course subjects they may be struggling with. This app has been designed to work out your spatial and working memory, focus, chunking and concentration skills. It consists of a serious of tests and games that the students work through. Each level increases in difficulty and sessions can be stopped and started again at any point. It even remembers where the student left off.

This is an extremely helpful application in that it engages students in a fun and challenging way. They can seek extra help both inside and outside the classroom to ensure they understand the topics in their courses. This provides invaluable knowledge that can be carried throughout the semester in tests, assignments and projects.

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