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Central Idea

Central Idea: Jan Brett became an author and illustrator in 1978 when she published her first book because she wanted to be an author. 1) I know this because in her biography it says, " As a child, Jan Brett decided to be an illustrator and spent many hours reading and drawing." 2) I also know this because in Wikipedia it says "For her first book as a writer, Fritz and the Beautiful Horses(1978)" 3)Another reason that I know this is because Wikipedia also says, "Brett's earliest book in the Library of Congress online catalog was published by Atheneum Books in 1978"


Jan Brett is 65 years old and and was born on December 1, 1949, in small town in Massachusetts were she still lives today. Her husband's name is Joe Hearne, but she goes by her maiden name Brett. Jan gets to travel a lot because her husband is in the Boston Orchestra and also traveling is one way she gets her inspiration and learns how to draw animals because she travels to other countries.  Not only is Jan an author, but she also is an illustrator who illustrates her own books.  Jan always wanted to be an artists and author when she was a kid, so when she got the chance to work with some famous authors she was very excited.  Jan attended the Boston Museum School where she spent most of her time in the Museum of Fine Arts.  Ms. Brett has published around 43 books and has had over 39 million of them printed.

This is where Jan lives now.

Synthesized Information

Theme- In all of Jan Brett's books the themes reflect life motto's.  I know this because in the book "The Mitten", the theme is to make room for everybody as all different kinds of animals worked together to try and fit into a mitten to keep warm.  In the book "Who’s that Knocking on Christmas Eve", the theme is that things can be scarier than they look.  In this book, the trolls thought the polar bear was a monster, but that was just because the trolls had made the polar bear mad as the polar bear really wasn't scary as all!  A life motto theme from Jan Brett's book "Trouble with Trolls", is being tricky can sometimes be a good thing.  The trolls in this book were trying to steal a girl's dog but she found clever things to do with her skis to get away from the trolls with her dog.

Tone- The tone in Jan Brett's books are all fun and joyful.  I know this because in the book "The Mitten", the tone was fun and mystery as the cute little animals were trying to figure out how to get into a mitten and what other animal friend might come along next!  In the book "Who’s that Knocking on Christmas Eve", the tone is fun because the silly trolls are scared of a friendly polar beat.  Jan Brett's book "Trouble with Trolls" has a fun yet also clever and smart theme as the trolls who think they are clever and smart really are not compared to the girl who outsmarts them all!

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