William Livingston

Carlie H.


-He was born in 1723 in Albany, New York

-His grandmother raised him until he was 14

-Livingston joined the Calvinists religion missionary after he left home

-He attended Yale to persue a career in law and graduated in 1741

-He was married in 1745 to Susanna French and was a father to 13 children

William Livingston role in the war was introduced when he started attacking the Anglican religon to control the King's college. From that event he was placed on the assembly that fought against parliament. Livingston later died of natural causes on July 25, 1790 at the age of 66 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.


-William Livingston sat in the assembly that fought against parliamentary interferences for 3 years

-He built the estate of the Liberty Hall

-He was a representative in the first Continental Congress in 1774

-He commanded the New Jersey Militia as a brigadier general

-He later became the first governor of the state of New Jersey

He was most widely known for being the first governor of the colony of New Jersey and standing as a representative in the first Continental Congress. He failed to control the Anglican religion and King's college but was very successful in his involvement iin the building of Liberty Hall.


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