Letter Home

By: Kaytlyn Geyer

     Dear alien family, I have landed on the planet Earth. I'm on a island called Hawaii or was it Ha-wee-wee? When I first landed the surroundings were covered with hard rock and a vast space of blue liquid. Then I noticed red ooze coming from it, and when i went to touch it was so hot i swear my finger so close to falling off! So of course i went screaming and fell into the blue liquid and sand. It was wet and still a little warm but I felt  better. (but my was still burnt and numb though) Besides that I unpacked the ship and made a small hut.

     When I woke up I traveled further and I found that the sky gets darker and brighter as the time goes by. Sometimes it rains black specks during day (at least I thing its morning), and found out they smell terrible and taste horrible. I find this place to very hot, and at times it sounds as if a explosion went off. It scares the glob out of me! I wonder if this place is at war or something even more horrid.

       I explored further and found humans around, they seemed to find this destructive "lava" as they called it, entertaining! I mean I guess it was fascinating, and some what pretty I wouldn't hang around too long. (P.S the black specks are called " ash", it comes from "volcanoes") I listened for a while and they said a "volcano"  is caused by a rupture in the earths "crust" and "lava" comes out, along with other gases with "ash" through the surface of the "volcano".  This place is really dangerous, but fun I suppose. On my next trip to Earth your coming with with me. I mean you Mom! I will be back as soon as I can.

    NOTE: Alien family this is not a good place to live. More like a great vacation, but I would NEVER bring children!

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