New Nursery Texting App

Pathway's New Way to Communicate with Parents from the Nursery

Starting on June 14th, we will be launching a new way to connect with the parents of the children who will be in the nursery during the worship services. We have two new tablets that the parents will type in their information into the contacts app on the tablets. The information that they will enter in will be the child's name, the parent's name, the parent's phone number, and allergies.  The tablet will automatically forward that information into the free texting app on the tablet. From this app, you will send the parent a confirmation text that let's them know that we have their correct phone number and what the contact number is for the tablet. They will be able to text back to the tablet as you text them with any issues that might come up during their time in the nursery. We will be holding a meeting this coming Sunday (June 7th) to train the nursery workers in using this new system. The check-in system when they first enter the building will remain the same. This is just another step to improve the feelings of security when it comes to childcare within our church. Thank you all so much for everything that you do.

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