Don Pedro
Respected – Ambitious – Considerate

Don Pedro's Motivations

Don Pedro is motivated by trying to give his friends happiness, and that is generally by helping them with their love life. He also enjoys taking on task with tough odds and seeing the results. In the beginning, when Claudio comes to him and asks for his help, he says he will personally go to Hero and try and get her to agree to marry him. He also comes up with a plan to get Benedick to fall back in love with Beatrice when no one thought it would be possible: "...I will be in the interim undertake one of Hercules' labors, which is to bring Signior Benedick and the Lady Beatrice into the mountain of affection, th' one with th' other. I would fain have it a match, and I doubt not but to fashion it, if you three will but minister such assistance as I shall give you direction." At first thought, the idea of this is almost crazy, but Don Pedro knows that there is a chance he could do it and it would bring much more happiness to both Benedick and Beatrice.

When Don Pedro arrives to his town in the beginning, he is a very well respected and kind man. He dresses nicely and his mannerisms are those of a gentlemen. He has a bastard brother named Don John who is an evil and bitter man. This character does many things for the good of other people, even if they didn't ask him to. This says that he is a very gracious gentlemen who anyone can trust. People will generally go to him if they are in need of something or have a problem because they respect and trust him. In the beginning, it is very easy to see all of these traits, but after he thinks he sees Hero cheating on Claudio, he becomes more of a hard character because he is defending Claudio, however, he is still doing what he believes is right.

How Don Pedro is Developed

Don Pedro's Impact on Plot and Theme

Don Pedro affects the plot of the play in many ways. For example, without the help of Don Pedro, Claudio would likely not have been able to have Hero agree to marry her. Don Pedro is the one to come up with the plan: "I will assume thy part in some disguise and tell fair Hero I am Claudio...And take her hearing prisoner with the force and strong encounter of my amorous tale. Then after to her father I will break, and the conclusion is, she shall be thine." Also, if Don Pedro had not come up with a plan to trick and get Benedick and Beatrice together, they would still both despise each other and never get married. Another example of Don Pedro affecting the plot in a major way is that he was defending Claudio when he humiliated Hero at the marriage. That made it much harder for Hero and her family to try and clear her name. Don Pedro adds to the them of love because he is usually the one who gets people to fall and love and get into relationships with people. He does love people, but more the friendships he keeps with them, or storge.

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