All about me, Tina

All about me
Hi I'm Tina Lateran,I'm in 7th grade and I want to become a lawyer when I grow up.I enjoy spending time with my family and my 5 goldfish named:lucky,speedy,fifi and beauty.I like all my teachers in school and hope to change the world some day.

My Top Ten
1.Family always first (younger brother Tiam)
2.Pass my final exam
3.I love cupcakes so much!!
4.I adore Ellie Goulding
5.Friends ( Yasi but unfortunately not in this school :(
6. I love Hawaii so much (  too bad I didn't go there yet )
7.GOD ( he/she has been with me for so long and helped me through so much.       AMEN
8. I truly love candles ( Bath and Body Works )
9.I enjoy going to the mall with my BFF.
10.I love chicken teriyaki (best made at your local mall)

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