Knight Style Takes UCF Fashion World by Storm

Knight Style has become a safe haven for fashion lovers and creative minds in the few short months that the site has been online. “People are just so excited about it,” Knight Style founder Matt Fultz said. “They want this and some of them even need this.” Knight Style is a fashion and style blog completely run by UCF students. After launching in January 2015, it has already gained wide popularity among university students.

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Their claim to fame is featuring Knights who dress to impress. “We like to think of Knight Style not only as a way to feature fashionable students, but as a way to connect with people and learn how different backgrounds affect personal style,” Knight Style writer Alinnette Hernandez said. “A little ‘fashion philosophy’.” Although they have only been active for a few months, Knight Style is ready to take their fashion blogging to the next level. They will be introducing a new segment to their blog entitled “Knight Style Talks”, and it will introduce video interviews to their site.

“We’re going to be interviewing young entrepreneurs who are making a difference in either fashion or culture,” Fultz said. The team of fashion and creative bloggers that make up the Knight Style staff aim to showcase student style that is unique and all its own. Their style blog includes detailed photos of students on campus who they feel are wearing an outfit worth sharing. “We’re big on collaborating, even with people we meet while photographing,” Hernandez said. “It’s pretty amazing how we can tie in everyone’s interests in a way that lets everyone have a creative outlet.”

As an independent publication, they have nothing but word of mouth and social media to get their stories out to the public. However, their social media strategies and way of engaging with their viewers has allowed them to reach more people than they ever thought possible. “It’s been challenging to start an independent publication,” Fultz said. “It’s really rewarding to hear people say that they feel good because we feature them on our website.

I’ve even had guys come up to me and tell me that Knight Style is inspiring them.” Knight Style offers UCF students something that no other fashion site can. It allows their readers to see what their peers are wearing on campus, and it features the uniqueness and beauty that goes along with having such a diverse student body. With their launch of “Knight Style Talks”, they will be hoping to take their site to the next level of fashion blogging.

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