Jackie Robinson                

       By: Mya Nowlin     

Jackie Robinson was great at his swinging

Jackie Robinson was born in January 31,1919. His father is Jerry Robinson and his mother is Mallie Robinson. Jackie Robinson has 4 siblings.He died in October 24,1972. Jackie Robinson went to Pasadena City College (1937-1939). Jackie Robinson's middle name is Roosevelt. Jackie Robinson died from a heart attack.Jackie Robinson played in first baseman, second baseman, short stop, and infielder.

He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. I think Jackie Robinson is a role model because he had a fundraiser for kids. Jackie Robinson is named after the New York governor. Jackie faces a court - martial for his disobedience on July 6,1944. On November 28 Jackie accepts an Honorable Discharge from active duty in the military. Jackie Robinson retired January 5,1957. Jackie Robinson acts like a spokesman and fundraiser of the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

This video is of Jackie Robinson in his highlight time...

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