#TrevizoEOY6, End of year college project

Persusasive essay

   The world needs good people because it will help the world become a better place and protect us from bad. Because of all the bad people in the world, the is a lot of violence, drugs, ect.

   If the world had good people it will help the world become a better place. There wouldn't be any type of negativity in the world and it will probably help people have a good self esteem.

  It would also protect us from bad things. It would protect us from dangerous people from all the violence. There wouldn't be any killing or any kind of bad in the world. People wouldn't have to live in fear.

  Other people think having bad people in the world is a good thing because somehow they help them find hacks and all sorts of that stuff. In my opinion, this is bad because it doesn't benefit us (good people).

   The world needs good people because it will help the world become a better place and protect us from bad. There will only be good vibes with good people. Society should think about what they're doing to the world, sometimes the stuff they do does not only affect them but the people around them.

Letter of Recommendation

I would like to recommend Daisy Hernandez as a candidate for a position in your organization in her position as a brain surgent. She would do really good in this job because she wants to help people and also learn more about the brain, She is considering this job as a future career.

Daisy can easily handle internal body parts and patient at times. She isn't a really good social worker but she can work well with others. She can multitask and is very organized but isn't really creative.


Jessica yanez

Tierra Nevada 3218



My goal is to become a youth worker or a nurse.

2005-2014 Paso del norte (Elementary and middle school)

2014-2018 El dorado high school

AB honor roll and perfect attendance

I had a summer job babysitting. It was a good experience because it helped me be patient. I get along with people easily, I'm outgoing, I'm patient and I like helping other people.

Letter of intent

Rodriguez, Yesenia jessica

2345 Tierra Nevada

El paso, Texas 79938


Alex Ramirez, Manager

Youth worker

1200 Montana

El Paso Texas 79938

Dear Alex Ramirez

  Hello, my name is Jessica Yesenia Rodriguez. I am writing you this letter to tell you a little bit about my self and what I have to offer for this job. I personally think that I would be hardworking in this job because I love helping others and I am very easy to get along with. I will love working for this company because I've heard really good stuff about it.

 I got my diploma as a social worker at UTEP. I got my masters degree, I have also had previous jobs with being a youth worker, but since I moved I decided to get a job closer to me. I work very well with others and you will have no problems with me.

I hope that after reading this, you will give me a chance to work for your company. I will be very happy to work this company and I promise to be hardworking.

Jessica R