Stanford University

Stanford Mascot

Stanford's BAND mascot, the Stanford Tree (a redwood) is not the real mascot of Stanford university, the actual university mascot is the color Cardinal (not the bird). However, many people see the Stanford Tree as the University's mascot, since they do not have a mascot for the cardinals, since you cannot have a mascot for a color.

History of Stanford

The history of Stanford begins in 1876, when a former Governor of California, named Leland Stanford, bought about 8,000 acres of land. However, Leland had not thought of using his land as a property, until his 15 year old son, Leland Jr., died of typhoid fever in 1884. That is when Leland Sr. started to journey to universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Cornell and also many museums. That is when Leland decided to make a university, in honor of his deceased son. Stanford university finally opened it's doors on October 1,1891 and continues to be a university to this very day.

Stanford Fight Song

Admission Requirements

To be able to be admitted into Stanford University, you must have a SAT score of at least 2100 and a ACT score of at least 30, while withholding a 4.0 GPA.

Cost of Tuition

Undergraduate- $14,728

Graduate 11-18 units- $14,728

Graduate 8-10 units- $9,570

Graduate Engineering 11-18 units- $15,691

Graduate Engineering 8-10 units- $10,200

Graduate School of Business, first year MBA- $20,625

Graduate School of Business, second year MBA- $19,850

School of Medicine (M.D. Program) 1- $16,905

Stanford Law School- $17,450

Law/Business Joint Porgram$18,277

Permit to Attend for Services Only (PSO)$4,455

Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR)-$2,871

Medical School Research Rate-$3,380

Degree Plan

Program: M.D Molecular/Cell biology

Required Credits:90

Major: Genetics/M.D

Job Description and Requirements of a  Medical Geneticist

A medical geneticist is a person who is trained in general medicine and genetic diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders. They work at hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutes. The median salary of the average medical geneticist is $72,590 annually, with the range being $39,870 - $134,770 annually. To become one, you need a M.D degree, taking courses in genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, and computer science. Then, they must undergo a medical genetics clinical training to be certified. The demand for a Medical Geneticist is high because of advances in medical technology.

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