Come to Neptune today!

Come visit Neptune!! It's a one in a life time event! Don't miss it! It's amazing and beautiful!

Amazing + Beautiful!!

Neptune orbits our solar sun a star. Neptune is the eighth planet from the neptune cannot support life as we know it. at times during the course is actually closer to the sun and us than neptune. this is due to the usual elliptical shape of pluto’s orbit. just like jupiter,saturn,neptune has banda of storms that rotate the planet while the wind speeds on jupiter can reach 550 km/hour twice the speed of powerful hurricanes on earth thats nothing compared to neptune. Astronomers have cloaked winds on neptune traveling 2,100 km/hour. Neptune is the most distent planet from the sun with tempetures down to 55 kelvin or 218 celsius in fact the wheater on neptune is some of the most violent wheater in the solar system.To go to neptune you would need lots of food and water and something to keep you warm. you would need an oxygen tank since neptune is made out of methane.

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