MY name is Steffanie Reynolds, I am fourteen years old. I live in the northern part of entucky. I am on the north side.

Today is April 12, 1861. My dear husband is in the war, and I worry for him every day. I live with him and my one daughter, who is still to young to walk. He is stationed near the ohio river.

Today is April 13, 1861. today I did laundry and sent my husband some blankets, as well as a letter that if he ever leaves us on the battlefield, that he shall be with me every day. I also sent some food for him and his army frinds, and so I plan to help with the war effort every single day. This morning when I woke up I had to tend to the farm, clean the house, make breakfast, and nurse my baby girl all throughout the day. This evening I went to the garden, did the laundry, tended to the farm agian, and sent my husband the letter. It has been a casual day. Things have been quiet since my husband left.

Today is April 14, 1861. Today I woke up to my girl screaming in the night. I suppose she had a nightmare. Later that day word got around about the battle of Fort Sumter. I am worried that my husband died, deeply. Most of the day I spent grieving and worrying. I wrote another letter.

Dearest Arnold,

I heard about the battle that happened on April 12. I scared myself slowly to death. I worry you will not come back to see your daughter. Please write back.

Kisses, Steffanie

Today is April 14, 1861. Today I went shopping. this took me all day. I brought my daughter with me. I sent the soldiers money, clothes and gun supplies. Today was exausting.

Today is April 15, 1861. I have recieved a letter from Arnold! he is still alive!

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