18 Photos of People Who Totally Did Prom Better Than You

1. This couple, whose all-denim outfits totally gave Britney and Justin a run for their money:

2. These girls who let their inner princesses shine:

3. And this couple who let out their inner demons:

4. These kids who are totally making their parents proud:

5. This guy who finds beauty in any size (or object):

6. This creative girl who managed to get Zac Efron to go to prom with her:

7. And this girl who got even more creative and decided to make her own perfect date:

8. This gentleman who thoughtfully coordinated half his suit for each of his dates:

9. This couple, who kept it understated and classy:

10. This Twihard who didn’t bow down to society’s pressure to be either “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob”:

11. This smart couple whose prom outfits can also double for Ren faire costumes.

12. This guy, who found someone willing to dance with him all night:

13. This couple, who despite all the jokes they knew they would hear, decided to go with a Pooh theme:

14. This awesome guy who gave his prom the hero it deserves:

15. This couple who brought a shot of glamorous patriotism to their prom:

16. And these rave kids who brought a a ray of sunshine:

17. These two girls who shared a beloved childhood icon as a date:

18. This out and proud couple that doesn’t give two fucks about what people think about horse and unicorn love:

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2 years ago

weride as fuck

a year ago

the last one got me

a year ago

That last one looked a little wrong by how the people dressed. I mean if you know what I mean.

a year ago

im sad now.... idkw

5 months ago

So some of y'all have problems with two guys having fun and even being in love? That's so stupid cause y'all would get mad if I said that being "strait" is disturbing and god doesn't like it.

5 months ago
5 months ago

Me out.