Enterprise Class Nas Storage Solution For All Performance Requirements

If you are operating with multiple computers on a network you are certainly a prospective client for network storage device. There are some network attached storage servers those perform as shared volumes for sharing and backing up files across a network while there are also others those can actually perform a number of other activities like sharing a printer for all PCs in the network, media streaming and also as surveillance systems those support IP cameras. NAS devices are now available with both single and multiple drives with features like higher storage capacity and advanced data protection.

In order to meet the growing need of file and data sharing and data protection for all business organizations, corporate companies, educational institutions and also government facilities, companies like Digilant now offer a complete range of simple yet powerful network storage server and iSCSI SAN solutions those you can certainly take advantage of. Based upon Industry Standard Parts all network storage solutions now offered by them are easy to install and integrate and if you are looking for a network attached storage system for your small office – you can unhesitatingly depend upon the outstanding quality support and service provided by these companies.

While network attached storages are actually gateways or storage arrays supporting NFS and CiFS file-based storage protocols connected via an IP network, storage area network solutions are designed to provide block level access to storage resources. In this system servers can access the block level devices via the Storage Area network. Though NAS are SAN are different from one another but they are not mutually exclusive and it is also possible to combine them in unified or multi-protocol storage arrays those can offer both file level and block level protocols from the same system.

The file based protocols are made to provide the client shared access to centralized storage resources and this centralization results in reduced complexity in shared storage resource management, improvement in storage utilization rate and also eliminate file server sprawl. As a network storage device is made to reduce the entry price for accessing the shared storage and modern devices with clustering capabilities and RAID are also available now – it has made immense improvements from traditional direct attached storage devices and also offers more flexibility with their advanced storage functionalities. At 10GE, connectivity performance of NAS devices is more or less the same of fiber channel storage area networks and apart from file sharing, these devices can now also be used for home directories as well as centralized logging systems. With rapid improvement in their performances NAS devices are now also being used for storing relational databases like MYSQL or Oracle and also for server virtual environments like VMWare. Now offering NAS storage infrastructure to data centers from all over the world Digilant helps their customers in justifying, designing and implementing enterprise class NAS solutions and also ensures meeting all availability and performance requirements against lower acquisition and management costs.

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