My GladiatorDiana
By Sydney J.

1.)Some weapons were  dagger,half swords,swords and, a short javelin ,or spear.

2.) They do not wear a tunic, just a loincloth .

They wear an arm protector .

They both hold a gladius (sword)They both wear an Ocrea, or metal greave, on the lower left .They hold a body shield called a scutum.

3.) Weapons: The Gallus gladiator fought with a sword or occasionally a lance .

I am a Gallus Gladiator!I am the strongest one of all.

4.) The Manicae which were wraps of leather and cloth for arm and wrist padding. The balteus which was a sword belt.

5.) Late afternoon the most important events of the day - the gladiatorial games and combats.

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