Lera Chenchevaya - The Creative Process

The creative process can be a difficult and challenging experience for anyone, even the most seasoned and successful of artists, who often struggle to find the best and most appropriate way to convey their observations and/or feelings to the known universe. Lera Chenchevaya understands how daunting, even overwhelming, the creative process can be, a true test of not only one’s creative ability, but also their work ethic and tenacity.

As an amateur poet, Lera Chenchevaya often finds herself struggling through the creative process, though she realizes that the struggle itself is often what produces the most resonating and inspiring work. The work that artists such as Lera Chenchevaya put in to their art can present a considerable and mighty challenge, though it’s often the challenge itself that produces some of the best poetry out there.

Lera Chenchevaya travels to distant and exotic parts of the globe, seeking inspiration in the most unexplored and least visited places on Earth. The need to find inspiration for her writing has taken her to places in nearly every region of the globe, and has introduced her to cultures, people, sights and beauty even she never knew existed. Her travels provide her inspiration, though it’s the creative process that allows her to translate her observations and inspiration into beautiful works of prose, allowing her to develop honest, simple yet profound pieces of work that she can truly be proud of.

Lera Chenchevaya enjoys poetry and travel, though it’s the challenge of working through the creative process that allows her to get the most enjoyment from both.