Westhill Consulting Employment Blog: Jakarta Indonesia’s Oil and Gas Industry Will Need to Fill At Least 8,000 Jobs by 2015

Jakarta Indonesia's oil and gas industry is in need to load at least 8,000 jobs by 2015. From present up to 2015, the country’s oil and gas industry is threatened of losing almost three per cent of its employees in general, because of steadily low natural gas prices. There are two primary factors, growth in certain operations and age-related attrition across the industry, yet on the other hand, will offset more job losses and in fact contribute to increased overall hiring needs.

Alterations in the figure of jobs will not be the same across all industry sectors. For instance, the oil and gas services sector, even though shaken by commodity price instability, will still need to fill about 4,700 jobs between 2012 and 2015. The exploration and production (E&P) sector, hardest hit by long-drawn-out low natural gas prices, possibly will see some workforce contraction, however will experience skill and experience gaps as well, while it loses workers because of retirements and turnover, particularly for industry-specific roles.

Employment in the oil sands sector is anticipated to augment by 29 per cent over 2011 levels, or roughly 5000 jobs By 2015. The pipeline sector will include about 530 jobs over the same period. The two sectors will also require to do important hiring as replacement to retiring workers and for turnover.

Funded in part by Government of Indoonesia's Sector Council Program and the City of Jakarta includes labour demand projections for 38 core occupations in the oil and gas industry.

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