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Skyrim the Elder Scrolls

(Skyrim is mostly about Adventure, Free Roaming, Buying/Selling, Getting Married, Monster killing, Taking Risks, Etc…)

Skyrim: Monster Hunting...
Monster Hunting is about killing hostile enemies, like saber tooth tigers, or bears.
You will mostly find bears near rivers, caves, forests, and mountains. Where you will find Saber Tooth Tigers are, in forests, mountains, plains, villages, towns. Stay on the paths if you are a low level. Make sure you get food if you feel like doing a little roleplaying. There are 5 other hostile enemies you should also be worried about when you are journeying. The 5 hostile enemies are bandits, wolfs, wizards, trolls, and dragons. The 2 rarest hostile enemies are the WIZARDS, and TROLLS. You can find trolls in the, winter biome, forest biome, mountain biome, and near rivers under an over lop of rock. Wizards are found in caves, cemeteries, towns, cities, and towers. The other 3 common hostile enemies are bandits, wolfs, and dragons. Bandits are mostly common in Skyrim; you can find them in, Taverns, towers, forests, towns, cities, and ancient buildings. Wolfs are common in, Forests, rivers, snowy plains, and plains. Dragons are common anywhere. But where they mostly spawn is near cities, towns, mostly where are you should I say.

Now to the ADVENTURE part of this summary.

You can Adventure anywhere in Skyrim. Like to cities, through forests, into ancient runes, Etc. You can also hire companions. Companions follow you anywhere; they can only die by your hand. If any hostile enemy try’s to kill your companion, your companion falls to his/her knee for 5-10 seconds.

Dragons are hostile enemies, only a couple dragons are friendly to you. The first Dragon you’ll see when you start the game is on the way to Helgen where you go to get your head chopped off. (Not really you’re saved by a dragon but it’s hostile, and it’s the first dragon.) The second dragon you’ll see is in whiterun where the Jarl asked you to kill it. After you kill the second dragon they start to spawn anywhere close to you.

Now you have to level up (PUMP it UP!!)
The easiest way to level up is by fighting with a sword, mace, axe, bow, crossbow, shield, battleaxes, long swords, and a hammer. You can also level up by smiting or forging. Smiting is good for making armor and weapons. When you get your smiting up to 100 you can craft dragon armor or Dadric. You can also level up by enchanting armor or weapons. You can also level up by alchemisting potions to heal yourself and you can craft poison potions to hurt other hostile enemies.
Now to the civil part of this summary.

There are merchants all over Skyrim. Merchants have stuff that you really want so they make you sell most of your stuff and then you buy it. But it’s really a cheap knock off…..