My Rockin Summer

Welcome to the Marriott

My summer was one of the best summers ever!First of all we went to a fancy resort called the Marriot. We got a beautiful suite there with three king sized beds,and the best part was that we could walk right out onto the beach.When we first got there all we did was play and have fun on the beach. Then we decided to do something that would be fun for the whole family to do.So i decided that we should go parasailing.My sister and i did not get to go parasailing with the others the first day because a big storm was coming and the sky was a very dark grey, so the captain drove us back to shore.My sister and I were very disapointed. So we went the next day, and it was worth it.For dinner that night we had hamburgers and fries.When we were walking back it started to rain very hard so by the time we got to the lobby we were soaking wet.When we reached our room we changed into some pajamas and watched a movie.Unfortunatley my brothers fell asleep before me and they snored so loudly i could here them in the bathroom!I keptstuffing socks and things in there mouth so it could block some of the sound, but it didn't help.Eventually i fell asleep.On the last night my family and i went out on the patio to watch fire dancers on the beach.That moment was the most perfect moment that summer and i will never forget it.                  

                                               And that was my Rockin Summer.

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