The pronghorn lives in Western North America

Pronghorns mainly live in grasslands around western USA. In the grasslands there might be a couple of trees but other than that it is mainly grass.The climate could be anything from 90 degrees and sunny to 40 degrees and cloudy.


Some adaptations of the pronghorn are that they can see over 4 miles away to see food. Also they dovelope a high sence of curiosity so they can be more aware of their surroundings.They can also run at the top speed of 65 mph to be the fastest animal in North America.

Bison,prairie dogs,foxes,wolfs, moles,and rabbits can be flung in the same ecosystem as the pronghorn.

Globe Thistles,Water Hemlocks,Grasses,Graham’s beardtongue and other plants can be found in the same ecosystem as the pronghorn

Rapid Proscess

Wild fires can ocure in the grasslands,in the dry seasons leaves and twigs can start on fire very easily.

Move: birds,pronghorn,fox,wolf,bison,rabbits,prairie dogs

Adapt: Moles,prairie dogs,ants,worms and anything else that can go under ground

Die: bison,birds,rabbits,pronghorn,fox,wolf,prairie dogs,and

Fun Facts

-The pronghorn can see up to 4 miles away for dinner

- The pronghorn eats herbs and grasses

- There are about 160 pronghorns left in the us

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