Taking Steps to Give Together

For the Rosser family, the 2014 OutRun Homelessness 5K was evidence that they are passing on the importance of charity, physical fitness, and a healthy lifestyle to their young daughters.

Laurie has been athletic her entire life and started running in 2012. David…not so much. With encouragement from Laurie and LifePoint, David started getting in shape and running in 2013.

David and Laurie completed several 5K’s and Half Marathons in 2013 and 2014. They started including their daughters, Sydney and Addison in 5K events when they were ages 9 and 6 respectively.

When the opportunity arose to run as a family in support of LifePoint’s mission to end homelessness in Collin County by hosting the OutRun Homelessness race in 2014, they eagerly signed up.

The guidance the Rossers provide their daughters before any sporting event is simply to do their best…place is not as important as preparing for the event and crossing the finish line.

As Sydney and Addison crossed the finish line that morning, David and Laurie could not have been more proud because they could see that the example they were setting was being fulfilled in their young daughters. Go God!

Their continued hope is that their daughters will have a lifelong spirit of living a charitable, healthy life.

Won’t you join the Rosser family on March 21, 2015? It’s not too late to get started training for this wonderful event!  Register today!