By: Calvin W.  (Stick with it, there are pictures)

     Bad life choices can lead to dilapidation of the body.  Tobacco can cause you to be addicted to nicotine, and after using it you feel a little down and tired and want another buzz.  Tobacco can also lead to long term effects including addictiveness, irritability, headaches, hunger, and cravings for more and more cigarettes and other sources of tobacco.  Smoking can also lead to lung cancer and many other organ problems.  This shortens the life of the organism (human) as a whole.

     Secondly, alcohol and drug use have many long term effects including slurred speech, sleepiness, vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach, headaches, breathing difficulties, impaired judgement, unclear vision and hearing, unconsciousness, loss of coordination, amnesia, coma, and blackouts.  Long term effects include addictiveness to alcohol, liver disease, nerve damage, sexual problems, brain damage, high blood pressure, mouth and throat cancer, ulcers, malnutrition and ever more problems.  This causes harmful problems for the organism as a whole.

     Another life choice that will affect the organism is exercise.  With proper exercise the organism will feel fine.  Not enough exercise may cause you to be overweight, obese, to get diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and can even cause premature death for the organism.  More minor symptoms include feeling down and having a lack of energy.

     The quality of the air that the organism is living in can also have negative effects.  Bad air quality mainly causes asthma attacks and makes existing asthma worse, while clean air does no harm.  It can also lead to the development of asthma in children.  However, it can also cause inflamed airways, eye irritation, and damage to the respiratory tract.  The most severe results are lung cancer and cardiovascular disease.  These things can damage, or even kill the organism as a whole.

     Lastly, the kind of food a person chooses to eats affects their body.  If they eat right, they feel good and have lots of energy, but eating poorly is another story.  Almost immediately after eating fast food, people feel the effect.  They can feel mood swings, feel fatter, get poor sleep, have heartburn or indigestion, be unable to exercise, and/or have insulin resistance.  Over a larger amount of time, eating poorly can cause an organism to develop diabetes and the consumption of large amounts of sodium can cause high blood pressure that can lead to heart disease.