Nathan Svihel S&E Marketing Final

Movie Poster

This poster really draws your attention because of the exciting actions that are happening in this poster. It also draws your attention because of the bold words Grown Ups. The men going down the bright blue slide and the yellow tubes contrast each other and catch your eye and to go along with it the intense water splashing around draws your attention. It says that, "boys will be boys... some longer than others". This gives you an idea that the movie will be about adults who are childish. It also shows that it will be a comedy with all the well known actors in the poster. Having all those actors on the poster will make people want to go see it just because there are so many good actors in one movie.

Movie Trailer

In this trailer they show you where they start, what their objective is, and how they get busted in their mission so it gives you a pretty good idea of what the plot line is about. They show where the climax is at the point when the man is carrying his brother on his back in combat. It could of also been when they jump of the cliff together. All the battling and explosions give you the feel gives you the emotional feel of serious and intensiveness. This movie trailer is based on a true story so this would be recommended for anyone who's into war movies or a realistic intense situation. It shows many intense scenes but cuts out the good part to make people want to come see the movie.

News Story Music: Lydia Loveless

Lydia Loveless is a newer artist and released her new album. They talk about her new album and the songs in it. They talk about how her songs are anger, rage, loneliness, and lost hope. As a newer artist she should start by setting up her own twitter, Facebook, and maybe even her own website so people can see what shes doing and what new events she has coming up. Then she should try and get her music out there more by putting it on music playing websites so people can hear her music. She should also get involved with the community and get involved with her fans. It would also be a good idea for her to make contact with her fans through twitter or fan sit downs so that the fans feel important for the pop star. These ideas would be a good start for her in her music carear.

Other Theme Park: Mt. Olympus

They have a great home page of their website. Their page is really bright with bold words. They have a scrolling images of their resort to which is eye catching to the viewer. They even have a video at their home screen that says watch the Mt. Olympus Experience which can be exciting for the viewer.

I like their pricing strategy because they have a sale on their rooms. Included in purchasing these rooms you get certain benefits depending on the room special you get. Plus their rooms look really nice so it makes it look like your getting a really great deal if you book now.

I think one of their best things about their website is that it shows you all the fun things and deals you can get when you book at Mt. Olympus. In the video they show all the excitement that would make viewers want to stay there. It is a smart and good idea to make their hotel more appealing for the future buyers.

They have pretty eye popping deals. If the viewer was to look at the spring break deal and be able to get $110 off over a night is going to look very appealing. Along with these deals they also have different packs you get along with the room you purchase. For example they will get free skiing and tubing tickets, along with free cable and internet access, and different extra accessories with different rooms.

My Own Theme Park

If I ran my own theme park I would want to make sure that people choose to stay long and spend more money. The way I would do this is by introducing a deal if the customer buys their ticket before 12 o'clock and stays past 7:30 they get a coupon for free all you can drink soda and icees for the next time they come. Another way I would get people to come is to have concerts some nights at my theme park. They would still have to pay the price to get in ($40), but more people will end up coming and spending money on t-shirts, food, accessories, etc. If they wanted to go to the concert they would have to pay $60 to get into the park but it would include the concert for that day. That would lead to season passes then. If they buy the regular season pass it would be $78, but wouldn't allow them to go to the concert on those days. The second season pass would be the platinum which would be $100 that allows them to go the concerts for those days.

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