For centuries tattoos have proven themselves a constant in cultures around the world. The first tattoo ever discovered was a romantic gesture, to make a man's wife more attracted to him. From the first tattoo, many others have evolved. Hundreds of years have brought upon a plethora of designs, the catalog growing larger by the second.

Genres of tattoos include realistic, traditional, new school, black and grey, Asian style, script, biomechanical,tribal, Celtic, and many more. My favorite styles include realistic, Celtic, and black and grey. Personally I think tattoos are still very popular because they leave room for creativity and change. Tattooing has developed into an art form, not constricted to color, shape, or placement.

Tattoos allow self expression, they offer something unique and ground breaking for people. For some, there's a deep and unselfish meaning to their tattoos, but to others it's a joke. These are the people who have already made a change in everyone's opinions about tattoos. Tattoos are many times looked upon as irresponsible and they can even change your a tattooed person's percepted personality.