Top 10 Moments of 7th Grade

Mandy Glime

1.  Breaking the 400 Freestyle Relay Record

2. Performing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

3. Camp

"Squad up"

4. Making the Middle School Soccer Team

We had such a great season, so sad that it had to end. Thanks for a fun season, and feel better Olivia!

5. GLSS Short Course Championships

6.  Student Teacher Soccer Game

7. Middle School Champs

8. Chorus Field Trip

9. Outsiders Day

10. Talent Show

Favorite HELA Moments

1. Anthem culminating activity

2. Ousider's Day

Our Class is Ready to Rumble!!!!!

3. Radio Dramas

4. Museum Activity

5. Acting Out the Monomyth

Science Class

I really enjoyed having Mrs. Burton as my teacher. She made science really fun with the junk box challenges and all of the classes outside. I loved having multiple friends in the class too.  


I also loved the projects we did, and especially the one where we created our own planet!!! We made our planet called Venti Double Chocolaty Chip!


Camp was so fun and was one of the highlights of my 7th grade year. I had so much fun and bonded a lot with my friends. We went through many challenges together, like the rock wall, and sleeping in the cold cabin at night. We had a blast at skit night, we did the skit 10 little campers. I had so much fun that I am coming back to be a counselor when I am a senior!!

Extra Carricular Activities

There are so many sports teams that you can be on when you are in 7th Grade. I was on the Soccer Team, the CVMs swim team, and I did the musical. They were all very fun. There are many others like Art Club, Wrestling, Football, Basketball, Track, Cross Country, Volleyball, and Ensamble.

My Precept

Life always ends happily, if it is bad, then it is not the end. Enjoy the happiest times, and think about the happiest times, during the saddest times.

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