Adult Learning Theory Module

Welcome to the Adult Learning Theory Module!

In this module the goal is to introduce you to several adult learning theories in order to enhance your clinical teaching skills.  This material can be a bit dense, so in addition to learning through assigned readings, I've added a video, Prezi review and instructional games via quizlet.  I hope you enjoy!

Let's get started by having you review a the meaning of Androgogy:


  • Identify and explain the learning theories, transfer & retention and the effects of emotion on learning.
  • Design an instructional model and execute the model utilizing the learned adult learning theories to their practice of teaching.
  • Residents will critique their own teaching session that utilized adult learning theories in a reflective log posted to the weebly site.


  • Read Merriam et al (2007): Chapter 4, pages 117-119 and 159-169
  • Read Sousa et al (2011): Chapters 3, 4 and 7
  • Review this material using the Prezi:

  • Test your understanding using quizlet:

  • Create and demonstrate a teaching session utilizing the principles of adult learning theory you gained from this module.  This may be of any educational material of your choosing and to the audience of your choosing.  It will be observed by a co-director or faculty member who will provide formative feedback.
  • Reflect  on your teaching experience via a 1-2 page reflective log posted to the weebly site. In this reflection, demonstrate how your teaching practice has changed and how you can continue to improve your teaching via the principles of adult learning theory. Also use this log to critique your own teaching session. Expect feedback from a co-director and possibly your peers in the medical education area of focus.

Learning Log Reflection Rubric

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