End of the year college project

Christopher barraza

persuasive essay

1 in 100 people in the united states each year will be robbed of something,10 out of 15 people will see this happening and say nothing. The world needs good people to make our world a safe and happy place.

it takes good people to make our world safe. Good people are the only ones that will actually want to help not just for personal gain but to help someone else. You see these examples in every day life whether you realize them or not. Police officers, doctors, and soldiers are just a handful of people that work hard just to help people and make this world safer. People even fantasize about the perfect person that only cares about the greater good. Superman is one of these people that we make up to be this amazing hero that goes above and beyond to keep people safe and to serve justice. good people prove that you don't need to have the ability to fly or bend steel to make this world a safe one.

secondly, good people love to make others feel better or they help people cheer up. Therapists and motivational speakers are good people that help others with only they're words. they work hard just to make other people as happy as possible. if you have good people in your life the odds are you will be a good person too because you will see what makes them such a good person and you'll understand why the world needs more people like them. With ought good people there would be chaos because there is no one to do all these good deeds that these people do on a daily basis.

to be honest, good people can be taken advantage of. Some people can abuse good people kindness and use it against them. For example, if a person is just trying to help someone else by lending them they're phone someone could keep it and never give it back which has happened before. Another thing is, it only takes one bad person to destroy something the good people have worked hard to create. terrorists can bring down a whole country such as the disaster of 9/11.

finally, the world needs good people because without them our world wouldn't be so safe and happy. The world needs more good people so you should go out and be one. If you see someone struggling to do something be a good person and help them out. if you do good things you can make not only your community but the world a better place

letter of recommendation

To whom it may concern,

                              I have known Luis for many years through out high school. I've worked in group projects and worked with him which has lead me to see the traits and skills that he carries. It would be an ethical decision to hire Luis for the architect position of your company

                             I believe Luis would be a satisfactory candidate due to the amazing set of skills and talents he holds. Ever since I met Luis he would always show talent for designing things. His junior year Luis came up with a spectacular blueprint for the community treehouse building contest not only did he win first place but the treehouse still stands to this day and people are still enjoying it.

                            Luis has a vast imagination and skill for art. He always has a very positive attitude towards everything. His organization is also a very good characteristic he expresses. Luis is always focused and never ventures off the path of his choosing. He reaches above and beyond the goals he sets for himself and gets over any obstacle that gets in his way in not only education but in life.

                           I highly recommend Luis for this position and think he will be able to make your company a successful one. He will take your company to the top of the charts and help I accomplish things that will be incredible. If you have any further questions you can contact me via e-mail at k.barra1180@yahoo.com


Chrisopher barraza

may 18, 2015

letter of intent

Barraza Christopher

14585 palm tree rd.

El Paso, Texas 79908

Javier velasquez, business owner

business administration

14400 nunez Rd.

El Paso, Texas 79933

Dear Javier Velasquez,


I believe I would be a satisfactory employee for your company. I have great skills and talents that will surely qualify me for this career opportunity. I am a well organized and focused worker. I am also a quick thinker and can quickly solve problems. I can take charge of a group of people and make sure things are running smoothly and efficiently.

I have worked in business management for 3 years and have experience. I have studied business at the University of Texas at El Paso for 4 years and have earned a masters degree in business management. I have recently worked with a company similar to yours and I know how to lead your company to maximum success.

Thank you for taking the time to review this. Hopefully I can have the opportunity to help your company achieve excellence.




Christopher Barraza

(123) 645-8700

14585 Palm Tree Rd.



My goal is to work for a company that allows me to expand my skills and benefit the company itself

Education-        Kindergarten-8th grade attended Paso Del Norte 2006-2014 

                         -received perfect attendance

                         -terrific kid award

                        - A B honor roll

                       freshman year attended Pebble Hills High school 2014-2015

Experience-     I currently work at applebees as a waiter serving the customers food and drinks while taking orders. I began working January 2015

Skills-            -responsible  -good judgment and decision making   - good critical thinking

                     -organized    -good time management        -active listening



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