Fashion term assigment

What is fashion?

fashion is an art. It's a religion. It's a job. It's a peek into a personality. It's playfulness. It's an escape or a disguise. It is a feast for the eyes. But ultimately, fashion is an individual statement of expression for each of us.

What is style?

It’s the total combination of the way you dress, talk, move your body, or do anything for that matter. Simply put, it’s how we express our inner being outwardly. This includes all of our thoughts, emotions, interests, and values.

What is fashion fad?

its something (such as an interest or fashion) that is very popular for a short time.

What is fashion classic?

Classic fashion styles are the looks that last through the ages and appear flattering on almost anyone. They go beyond trends.

What is avant-garde

A group of people who develop new and often very surprising ideas in art, literature, etc.

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