Ivory Coast

The Fabulous Food Here

Before and after eating we wash our hands it is very important. We only use our right hand to eat. The left hand we use for personal hygiene. My favorite dish is Futu. In the Futu it has 5 chopped plantains something similar to a banana and 2 1/2 cups of cassava. Then I add a little salt the to add some flavor.

The Clothing Here

The types of clothing we wear are boubous, and both men and women wear boubous. A boubous is an embroidered robe wore over skirts and some pants. If you are going to go to a special event you might want to wear some bright color woven pattern, with a blouse. For formal events the shoes they wear are sandals or heeled shoes, sometime plastic flip flops.

This is the clothing the women wear


The holidays we celebrate that you might also celebrate in Oelwein, Iowa USA is Independence Day, even though its a different day. New Years Day. The Christians usually celebrate Christmas, and Easter.

This is a guy dressed as Santa.

Ivory Coast Flag

Some Places To Visit Here

University Lawn!


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