Wreck-It Ralph

Hero's Journey
Joseph Campbells identified 17 stages in hero's journey, I will apply these stages in Wreck-It Ralph

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Home Culture:
the protagonist thinks his home is normal

This is Ralph's dump home where he lives.

Call To Adventure:
someone who motivates the hero

Call To Adventure

They motivate him by giving him advice on himself to accept on what he cannot change.

Refusal of the Call:
the part when the protagonist chooses to give up

Refusal of the Call

Ralph gives up the gold medal because he only cares what Vanellope thinks of him.

Supernatural Aid:
when protagonist is given something supernatural

Supernatural Aid

Markowski tells Ralph how its easy to win a medal.

Crossing the First Threshold:
the protagonist leaves his home

Crossing the First Treshold

Ralph leaves his game to go to the Game Central Station.

Meeting a Soul Mate:
the protagonist meets an ideal and sees possibilities of his/her journey

Meeting a Soul Mate

Ralph meets Vanellope

Overcoming Temptation:
someone/thing tries to destroy the journey itself

Overcoming Temptation

King Candy/Turbo Tastic try to ruin Vanellope from wining the race and Ralph from winning a medal.

Viewing the Whole Picture:
the protagonist is willing to accept what is needed of him to complete the mission

Viewing the Whole Picture

Ralph must teach Vanellope how to race in order for her to win and Ralph getting his medal.

The Ultimate Goal:
the protagonist becomes self-assured and often receives an award or gift

The Ultimate Goal

King Candy gives Ralph a medal so Ralph thinks he doesn't need to help Vanellope anymore since he got what he wanted.

Refusing to Return:
the protagonist refuses to return "home"

Refusing to Return

Though Felix Jr. and Sergeant Calhoun are trying to get Ralph home, Ralph refuses to return back because he wants his medal and help Vanellope.

The Chase:
the protagonist changes, the chase characterizes his courage and confidence

The Chase

Ralph and Vanellope were both confident they would get what they want, and they did.

The Rescue:
the protagonist is unable to save himself

The Rescue

Ralph is trying to save Vanellope but he got caught by King Candy.

Crossing the Return Threshold:
the protagonist must face the evil or its leader and realization that home is no longer a place but a state of being

Crossing the Return Treshold

Ralph realizes he must go back home because they really do need him.

Master of Two Worlds:
the protagonist has the ability and power to relax in whatever world

Master of Two Worlds

Ralph knows he could go back to both Sugar Rush and Fix It Felix Jr. and be accept.

the protagonist understands that his old self had to "die" in order for the new way of life to begin


Ralph accomplished his mission, to get his medal and help win the race for Vanellope, he now goes back home to where Felix Jr. makes him a home and where now everyone accepts Ralph. Ralph no longer cares if he is a "bad guy" since he has Vanellope now.

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