Inventions of the Industrial Revolution


Telephone - 1875

                                                                Alexander Graham Bell

The telephone was important. It improved communications. It led to the advanced communication system we have today.

Light Bulb - 1879

                                                               Thomas Edison

The light bulb is important. It made lighting your home safer. It also made it more efficient.

Television - 1884

                                                               Philo Farnsworth

The TV made entertainment history. It also would help to get news to people faster. It is an every day item in most houses today.

Model T Ford - 1903

                                                                Henry Ford

The car is one of the biggest inventions. It made for easier transportation. Today a car is essential.

Airplane - 1903

                                                    Orville and Wilbur Wright

The airplane is also very important. Today it makes transportation very fast. You can get across the country in hours. Before trains, planes, and cars it took months.

Large-Scale Moving Assembly Line - 1913

                                                                 Henry Ford

The assembly line is great. It made for faster assembling. It made production easier.

Induction Electric Motor - 1888

                                                                  Nikola Tesla

It was a good introduction to electric motors.

Typewriter - 1873

                                                         Christopher Sholes

The typewriter was good. It made letters faster to make. Also it was good for writing books.

Phonograph - 1877

                                                              Thomas Edison

This was revolutionary to music. It played records. These eventually evolved into cds. Alot of people use cds.

Seismograph - 1880

                                                                John Miline

This helped scientists study earthquakes. It helps measure the size of it . It also helped scientists find out more about fault lines.

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