Proposal of Exploration to
New World

Johanna Cabot

   King Henry, I heard that you want someone to go to the new land to claim land right? You want a reliable, trustworthy, and amazing person for the job, right? Well this is where I come in. I am focused, willing, and able to explore and claim new land for England, find riches, and make you famous! Lets look at some more reasons why I should be the one for the job.

- I am organized and have all ready planned out everything. If you choose me ( oh who am I kidding? WHEN you choose me) I plan to leave in 1497 and have planned two voyages.

- I have a backup plan in case we find others living in the New Land, such as settling everything with a peace treaty that I already wrote. ( As you can see, I am VERY prepared and think ahead of time, wink wink)

- Even though I am from Italy, I will make sure that we will beat Spain and France to the New World. With me on your team, we will claim land, strike gold, and have power. We will find the things that the other countries want. I promise.

- Sincerely,

John Cabot

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3 years ago

This is so well written and endearing! "Who am I kidding, WHEN you choose me!"