Call Me Crazy...

I don't pretend to be "normal."  Most people who know me well would agree with that.  At the same time, I don't consider myself abnormal.  I guess it depends on a point of view.

So...who am I?  Well, my name is Dave Adams, and I:

  1. am almost 39,
  2. am Kim Adams' husband, and have been now for 12 and a half years,
  3. have twin daughters, Jensen & Kylie, who are seven,
  4. have a son, Caleb, who is four,
  5. have two sons from Ethiopia, Jonas, who is almost 12, and Nate, who is almost eight,
  6. have a full-time job at a church where I have served for 15 and a half years as youth ministry and contemporary worship coordinator,
  7. am currently a student at Luther Seminary working on my MDiv via their Distributed Learning (DL) Program.

For some people, this would make me "abnormal."  For me, I would just say to call me crazy!'s who I am...and it's MY crazy...and it's how I do life.  We all have our own threshold for what we can and can't take on, and there are people out there whose lives seem exhausting to me, but who look at mine as exhausting to them.  So...I will say it again, it all depends on a point of view.  

Whenever my life takes me in new directions, I depend on a variety of things (for lack of a better word) to help me expand my point of view.  Friendships, resources, therapy, etc...  Each of these provide insight, strength, and vision as I venture into unknown territory.  In today's world, one of the resources that I turn to (of course) is media.  Media offers a plethora of, entertainment, educational, spiritual, the list goes on.  It's impossible NOT to find myself entrenched in what media has to offer, and I can safely say that it...more often than not...helps me grow as a person.

Media is simply ONE of the lenses that broadens our point of view.  However, it's a big lens, and if we aren't aware of everything it can do for our lives (good and bad), we run the risk of poorly focused, under-exposed, narrow visions.

As someone who has been called into life-long service in the church, I am hoping that I will continue to deepen my understanding of the complexities of ALL of it's forms.  I am hoping that I can find ways to harness the good that media can provide the church, and look for signs that can help us to stay clear of the damages it can do.  I am hoping to learn about media resources I do not know, and to find new tools to enhance the ministry I am called to participate in.  I am hoping that I will continue to feel confident and empowered in my use of media, and to find hope and encouragement for the future that media WILL play in the church.  

I don't think these are abnormal hopes...just the hopes of someone who enjoys a little bit of "crazy" in their life...and we all know there is certainly room for that in the media world.  I'm looking forward to this experience...

Some snapshots of myself...

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3 years ago

And I'm so glad you are crazy! Love the pictures of the family! You all look so great together!

3 years ago

Great pics of the family- so glad we are in small group together and look forward to hearing more.