Alexa Lucas

Photography Portfolio


This was for the nature assignment and was taken at Enchanted Rock near Austin, TX. I like this photo because everything is blurred except the focal point of the picture which is neat.

The shy little Lizard

I love this picture so much. I think I love it because I had to wait forever for this little guy to come out because I don't think he was very fond of people. (Nature Project, Enchanted Rock near Austin, TX)

Oak Wilt

This is probably my favorite way to take a photo because only the focal point is in focus. I like this picture because it doesn't focus on the destruction that oak wilt causes, it focuses on the oak wilt individually which is cool. (Nature Project, Enchanted Rock near Austin, TX)


I'm not really sure as to why I like this picture but I just think it looks super unique and cool. (Elements Project, Valley Mills, TX)


This is by far my favorite picture of my mom that has been taken of her recently and it was taken by me! I love the way the sun lights her hair and smile. She just looks really pretty and happy. (Portraits Project, Taken in Crawford, TX)

Silly Goose

I love this photo of my dad because it really shows his goofy side. (Portraits Project, Valley Mills, TX)

Twisting and Turning

This is also one of my favorite ways to take a photo because it just creates a very stark contrast between the tree and skyline. (Nature Project, Enchanted Rock near Austin, TX)

American Flag

I just like this photo. I like it because it shows the flag at a different perspective. (Elements Project, Valley Mills, TX)

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